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NABLA VISION’s first product family of LiDAR solutions that structure rotary LiDAR scan patterns

Operational Concept: The RayWeaver optimizes the applications of traditional rotating LiDAR sources through the optical redirection of the light emitted by the source to match the specifications in orientation and field of view of each singular use case. It customizes the scanning patterns to improve the data density and allow optimal detection and identification of objects


Components: An optical reflector combined with its corresponding embedded processing software, which make up a turnkey LiDAR product: The RayWeaver ™ (patent pending)


The reflector has no impact on beam divergence or return-beam optics and therefore has low impact on maximum attainable range or accuracy

Grid Patterns

Imagen malla sin fondo.png
Imagen 2.png

Capabilities offered by the RAYWEAVER ™

Expand the possibilities of conventional LiDAR sensors (mechanical or rotating) optimizing their application to specific cases: LiDAR customization


Generate high-density, high-accuracy, rich point clouds by data fusion and light structuring for a complete environment perception and interpretation

Optimize object segmentation accuracy in real time dynamic scenarios, including moving entities

Complete and fast FOV scanning and SLAM possible mechanically without the need for displacing platforms-vehicles (in rotary and oscillating configurations)



Non-rotary elevated configuration

Geospatial aerial monitoring: Aerial geospatial monitoring for corridor mapping, topography in open mining, surveying urban environments

Outdoor monitoring: Outdoor monitoring from elevated logistic operating platforms (i.e: gantry-contruction-mining cranes)

Interior surveillance: Indoor surveillance from very high ceilings (in large industrial or logistic warehouses, public-commercial premises or transport connectivity terminals: airports,…)

High perimeter surveillance: Elevated perimeter surveillance, outdoor security monitoring of critical assets or strategic infrastructures, and border control

Rotary configuration for aerial scanning

Enhanced drone detection and counter-measuring

Aerial nodal infrastructures control and management (airports, vertiports,…)

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